Good materials are not deceiving. You only need to touch them to tell whether they are comfortable or not.

The touch of silk is very delicate and will not rub against the skin. I don't want to take it off when I put it on!

Silk pajamas have a certain degree of movement and decent concealment, showing women's moving figures and curves just right, adding a bit of charm to women, making them relaxed and free, and giving them a comfortable, confident, elegant and elegant charm from the inside. And the field spread out.

The design style of natural, free, silk and real products break the common people's impression of lazy and loose pajamas. The leisurely two-piece pajamas can be easily chosen whether sleeping, resting or even going out, highlighting the exquisite elegance and modern fashion of modern women. temperament.

Elegant pajama combination with romantic style. Warm tones and soft texture add a sweet and gentle temperament, and the beautiful combination of suspender skirt + nightgown is full of happiness!

A comfortable pajama is very important. The silky and comfortable nightgown can not only bring soft enjoyment to the body. It also achieved the second day, the more confident and beautiful self!

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